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Where do I find wholesale products?    What products will sell well on eBay?    Why are there so many fake wholesalers?   What is "true" wholesale price?
Where do eBay sellers find their products?    Do I need to be a business to buy wholesale?    Are the sites that sell wholesale memberships any good?

Welcome to Wholesale for eBay, the website created to help current & future eBayers find the wholesale products they want at prices that allow them to resell on eBay for a profit.


Wholesale Supplier

Self-Buy Bulk Low-Quantity Drop Ship Multi-Source Price
 Salehoo X   X X X $67 - $89
 Liquidity Services, Inc   X     X FREE
 NAWCA   X X X X $57 - $109
 Dollar Days International   X X     FREE
 Worldwide Brands   X X X X $299 - $398
 Better Sources X X X X X $289
 DOBA X     X X $1000+


If you've been spending some time trying to find a good wholesale source for your eBay auctions you are probably aware of how difficult that can be.

It can seem nearly impossible to find a wholesaler who:

  • Will Work with You

  • Offers True Wholesale Prices

  • Has the Products You Want to Sell on eBay

Hopefully, I can help you find the right wholesale sources.  On this page I will write a brief explanation of each wholesale source.  This is not a review site; the purpose of this site is to help you make the right choice when it comes to finding wholesale products to sell on eBay.  All of the wholesale sources I write about below are great to work with and are great resources for eBay sellers to find products.

Better Sources
If you can afford the $289 price tag and are new to buying wholesale, then Better Sources is for you!

Better Sources is a membership based product sourcing tool.  What does that mean?  It means that you signup for their service and they provide you with software that allows you to quickly and easily search through the inventory of many wholesalers.

As a Better Sources member you will have instant access to wholesale  products that you can resell on eBay.  Better Sources is perfect if you are looking for LOW QUANTITY WHOLESALERS and DROPSHIPPERS.

Perhaps the best thing about Better Sources is that they offer alternative sources.  Not just simply wholesalers.  True to their name, Better Sources offers BETTER sources for finding products to sell on eBay.  To visit the Better Sources website to see what they have to offer, click here.

Worldwide Brands
At over $300 to get started, Worldwide Brands is not for everyone.
However, if you are ready to jump right into to wholesale buying or have some wholesale buying experience then there is no better place to start!

Worldwide Brands is considered by most experts to be the #1 resource when it comes to finding wholesale products to resell on eBay.  And for good reason...

Worldwide Brands offers both a quality product sourcing tool and eBay education.  As a Worldwide Brands member you will be able to search through the offerings of thousands of different wholesalers, dropshippers, light bulk wholesalers, and more.  Worldwide Brands is perfect if you are looking for a large variety of wholesale products and have more than $300 to get started.

Worldwide Brands also has a great reputation as a wholesale company you can trust.  Chris Malta and the rest of the staff at Worldwide Brands are there to offer support and help whenever you need it.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Worldwide Brands or simply want more information, click here to visit their homepage.

Liquidity Services
Join for free and buy products at below wholesale.  Everyone should join Liquidity Services!

Liquidity Services is a publically traded company that runs several websites.  The most useful to eBay sellers by far is

At you can find closeout liquidations being offered by wholesalers, manufacturers, and other suppliers around the United States.  These liquidations sell for much less than wholesale price.  The downside is that you often have to buy a decent quantity of merchandise.  However, the merchandise is usually mixed (wholesale lot).

So, in one purchase you may end up with some Xbox 360 Systems, DVD players, and LCD TVs.  All at rock-bottom below wholesale price!  You then split the lot up into individual items to resell on eBay.

Every eBay seller should have an account with Liquidity Services.
To create a FREE account with, click here.

Starting at only $57 NAWCA is a great place if all you need is access to wholesale & dropship products.

The North American Wholesale Co-Op Association is a website you can join and be searching through millions (yes, millions) of wholesale products in just a few minutes.  At only $57 to sign-up NAWCA is the most budget friendly way to get started.  Sure, sites like and Dollar Days are free but they do not give you the incredible and easy access to the millions of products you can only find when using a service like NAWCA.

NAWCA is perfect for someone who is just some good wholesale products away from selling on eBay.  If you need a bit of eBay experience or eBay education I would recommend either Better Sources or Worldwide Brands.  However, if you just want to find any product wholesale, then NAWCA is a much more affordable option.

Like the much more expensive Better Sources, NAWCA also provides you with software for your PC that will put all of the best wholesale sources at your fingertips.  And, for only $57 NAWCA is simply unbeatable.  To learn more about NAWCA and to join, click here.

Below is a comparison chart of the different wholesale sources that many eBay sellers use.  If you look over the chart you can easily determine which wholesale product source will be right for you.  If you are still not sure where to start then I would recommend you take the Product Sourcing Quiz offered at  If you complete the short "quiz" the system will automatically recommend the best wholesale product source for your needs.

On the chart below, you may not know all the terminology so I will explain some of it here.

Self-Buy = This Source will Allow You to Buy Products for Yourself, Your Friends, and Your Family.
Bulk = This Source Allows You to Save by Buying in Bulk Quantities.
Low-Quantity = This Source Allows You to Buy at Wholesale Price with a Low Minimum Quantity Requirement.
Drop Ship = This Source will Ship Products Directly to Your Customers.
Multi-Source = Access the Products from Multiple Wholesalers/Dropshippers/Etc with Ease.


Wholesale Supplier

Self-Buy Bulk Low-Quantity Drop Ship Multi-Source Price
 Salehoo X   X X X $67 - $89
 Liquidity Services, Inc   X     X FREE
 NAWCA   X X X X $57 - $109
 Dollar Days International   X X     FREE
 Worldwide Brands   X X X X $299 - $398
 Better Sources X X X X X $289
 DOBA X     X X $1000+

Thank you for visiting Wholesale for eBay.  I hope I have been of help to you on your quest to find wholesale products for eBay sales.

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